I feel like Lautrec and Darkmoon Knightess would have some pretty interesting character interactions 

Sinner and punisher of the guilty, Firekeeper killer and firekeeper, gold armor, both are (probably) from Carim…. They would just try to kill each other all the time

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Dishonored - Fan Art

Created by Matthew DeMino


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prepare to be pummelled cheerfully, jauntily, and completely one-sidedly!

nonon print for AX!

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The Professional by Chris Thornley AKA Raid71 / Tumblr / Charity

18” X 24” 2 colour screen print. Red regular edition of 75, variant edition (above) of 35. To be sold at a charity screening at the Spectacle Theatre 4th June 2012. Remaining posters will be available online from 5th June HERE

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